Recent Research Topics

// Global Surgical Scoring System

// High resolution mapping of catchment population that can reach a health facility with surgical capacity

// Addressing healthcare disparities in Myanmar, with a special focus on Global Surgery

// Better data for surgical planning


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// World Health Organization (WHO) Strategizing national health in the 21st century: a handbook

// World Health Assembly (WHA) Resolution 68.15 Strengthening emergency and essential surgical care and anaesthesia as a component of universal health coverage’

// Core indicators for monitoring universal access to safe, affordable surgical and anaesthesia care when needed

// Lancet Commission on Global Surgery (2015) Global Surgery 2030: evidence and solutions for achieving health, welfare, and economic development. The Lancet. Volume 386, No. 9993, p569–624, 8 August 2015

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Issue Briefs (text in German)

// Safe Roads, Safe Surgery

// Refugees Surgical Needs

// The Surgical Workforce Shortage, A Global Crisis

// Maternal Health and Surgery

// Crisis and Humanitarian Aid