Utstein Meeting on: Indicators and Reporting Criteria for Surgery, Obstetrics and Anaesthesia Patient Safety

Start date: 16. June 2019

End date: 18. June 2019

Location: Utstein Abbey, Norway

The meeting will gather 36 designated international experts at the Utstein Abbey to refine existing
indicators and reporting criteria for surgery, obstetrics and anaesthesia patient safety in order to
facilitate their collection, utility and comparability. In addition, the meeting aims to explore how the
relationship between these indicators and patient safety and survival can be further embedded,
developed and studied.

The proposed outcome of the meeting is an Utstein publication on indicators and reporting criteria
for surgery, obstetrics and anaesthesia patient safety. This will both re-inforce and clarify the global
indicator set as well as define next steps for dissemination and data collection. An eventual output of
this process could be directly actionable for the United Nations Statistical Commission, with a broad
and long-term international impact.


Interplast Global Surgery Charity Golf Cup

Date: 9. June 2018

Location: Panorama Golf, Passau, Germany

Dr. Niclas Broer and Dr. Paul Heidekrüger have organized the annual Interplast Global Surgery Charity Golf Cup in Passau, Germany. Almost 10.000,- € could have been raised and special thank goes to our promoters the German Secretary of Transportation Mr. Andreas Scheuer and Comedian Mr. Django Asül.


G4 UN Campaign Launch: Global Surgery and Anaesthesia Statistics

Date: 7. March 2018

Location: United Nations Headquarters, New York

Read the Global Surgery & Anaesthesia Indicator Report Recently Launched Alongside the 49th UN Statistical Commission.


Elective Course “The Global Burden of Disease – Global Surgery” Technical University Munich

Start date: 19. October 2017

End date: 8. February 2018

Time: Every Thursday: 6 to 7 p.m.

Location: Klinikum Rechts der Isar, Hörsaal D, Ismaninger Str. 22, 81675 Munich, Germany

This course is the first of its kind at Technical University Munich and one of the first global surgery courses to be offered in Germany. The field of global surgery is truly in its infancy.

The aim of this course will be to provide background information and skills that will help students become leaders in the field of global surgery or to at least consider surgically related conditions when developing public health interventions.

The development of course material is led by Dr. med. P. Niclas Broer, Dr. med. Paul Heidekrueger and Dr. phil. Sabrina Juran, founders of the German Global Surgery Alliance (GGSA) and in close collaboration with Dr. med. John Meara’s team at Harvard Medical School’s Program in Global Surgery and Social Change (PGSSC). Further support will be provided by InciSioN (the International Student Surgical Network).

Date: 8. February 2018

Great closing of a successful first course on Global Surgery at the Technical University Munich. We thank Dr. Kee Park and our students who participated in this first trial. We are immensely grateful and honoured!


Surgical Mission with INTERPLAST Germany in Myanmar

Start date: 10. November 2017

End date: 26. November 2017

Location: Thandwe General Hospital, Myanmar

IMG_2920 2

8 days of surgery, over 100 surgeries were performed: Dr. Niclas Broer and Dr. Paul Heidekrüger joined again the team of Dr. Heinz Schoeneich (Director Section Munich, INTERPLAST Germany).

Global Surgery Symposium Vienna 2017

Start date: 10. November 2017

End date: 12. November 2017

Location: Vienna, Austria

“Symposium und Workshops – Tropenchirurgie”

Lecture at DGPRAEC 2017 in Graz: “Safe and sustainable – The extracranial approach toward frontoethmoidal meningoencephalocele repair”

Date: 16. September 2017

Time: 10:10 - 10:20 a.m.

Location: Graz, Austria

Paul I. Heidekrueger, MD; Myat Thu, MD; Wolfgang Mühlbauer, MD, PhD; Charlotte Holm-Mühlbauer, MD, PhD; Philippe Schucht, MD, PhD; Hans Anderl, MD, PhD; Heinrich Schoeneich, MD; Sabrina Juran, PhD; Thiha Aung, MD; Milomir Ninkovic, MD, PhD; P. Niclas Broer, MD, PhD

Presenting author: Dr. Paul I. Heidekrueger

Lecture at DGPRAEC 2017 in Graz: “What is Global Surgery”

Date: 15. September 2017

Time: 12:30 - 12.40 p.m.

Location: Graz, Austria

P. Niclas Broer, MD, PhD; Paul I. Heidekrueger, MD; Sabrina Juran, PhD

Presenting author: Dr. P. Niclas Broer

Discussion on Perspectives of German Engagement in National and Global Health on the Occasion of the Publication of the Lancet Series “Germany and Health”

Date: 4. July 2017

Location: Robert-Koch-Institut, Berlin, Germany

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